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The psSquared module allows you to quickly and easily add the GoSquared tracking code to your web site pages. You can add it to   individual pages or include it on all pages throughout your site.   There's also the ability to exclude selected Roles from being tracked   which is useful for when Administrators or Editors are logged in for instance.


  • Easy to install and setup
  • Add the GoSquared tracking code instantly to a single page or to all pages
  • Ability to exclude DNN Roles from being tracked - useful for when Admin or Editors are logged in
  • Works with DNN v4.0.1+, v5+ and v6+
  • W3C and XHTML Compliant
  • Easy administration with just one module installed and reused

System Requirements

psSquared is compatible with DNN 4.x (v4.0.1 upwards), v5.x and v6.x.
.NET 3.5 is required on the server running the website.

A GoSquared account is required.


Install the DNN psSquared module as a normal DNN module. Step by step instructions are shown below.

  1. Go to Host->Module Definitions OR Host->Extensions (DNN v6)
  2. Select the install file and click “Install New Module”.

How to use the module

Once you have successfully installed the module, you will see the new module in the “Module” drop-down within the DNN control panel at the top of the page. The psSquared module is listed as “psSquared”.

In order to add the module to the desired page, please follow these steps:

  1. Select the “Add New Module” radio button
  2. Choose “psSquared” from the “Module” pull down menu
  3. Click on the “Add” link (or the arrow icon) to add an instance of the module to the page

Quick setup instructions

Please follow the steps below to successfully setup the module

  1. Add the module to the page which you want the tracking code to appear on. It doesn’t matter where you place the module as the module is invisible to non-administrators. You just need to add the module to the page so you can edit the settings of the module.
  2. Once added to the page, you can select “Settings” from the module context menu where you can then add the GoSquared tracking code.
  3. If you want to exclude certain Roles from being tracked, you can select the Roles from the Advanced Settings section and click “Update” once you are finished.
  4. If you want the tracking code added to all your website pages then you will need do the following:
    1. Select “Settings” from the module contact menu.
    2. Under the “Module Settings” section, expand “Advanced Settings” and check the option “Display Module On All Pages”.
    3. Click the “Update” button to save your changes.


There are settings on the Module Settings page under the psSquared Settings section which are explained below:

GoSquared Account

This is where you need to enter your GoSquared account number for the site in question. This allows the tracking code to work correctly for your site.

Exclude Roles

You have the option to exclude certain DNN Roles from being tracked. This is useful if you want to exclude Administrators or Editors for instance. Tick the Roles you want excluded and click Update.

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